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DEAR EMMA Quite a few of my friends are getting married this summer, and as well as the usual worries of what to wear, I’m also concerned about ruining my good shoes. I know that three of the weddings will involve a reception on a lawn and I’m really desperate not to muddy my expensive heels. I don’t want to wear flats so what do you suggest?

Answer It’s never fun to get all dressed up for a summer party and then find yourself sinking into the lawn as you’re tucking into your cream scones. Like you, I’m not interested in flat shoes, but you’d never catch me ruining my Manolos on a soft lawn either! I have just discovered a cute little gadget that might help you. Penny Heels, £2.99, are available at and are handy little discs that stop heels sinking into the lawn and protects them from muddy marks. What makes them super-handy is the fact they simply stcik on and then twist off. And they’re tiny so no matter what size your clutch, they’ll fit into anything. Now there’s no excuse not to be stylish this summer!

easy living

Even accomplished heel wearers can be unsteadied by heels sinking into damp grass. Penny Heels (at Boots) are invisible film stickers you put over the spiky bit of heels to stop them sinking (or getting damaged by the elements).


new style

Stilettos and grass, Don’t go - unless you’ve got Penny heels. These clever clear tips fit over heels to stop you sinking, £2.99 for four.


the sun

A clever new creation aims to keep your feet on the ground - rather than in it. Whether you are going to a wedding, a barbecue or the races, PennyHeels will help you keep your heels clean. The clear, self-adhesive discs stick stick on the bottom of your heels, preventing your stilettos from disappearing into the turf.