Around May 2006, a man, named Stan, was challenged by several ladies at a wedding, to come up with a solution to their sinking heels. ‘Why’, they asked ‘do we have to suffer with walking on our toes all afternoon and risk damaging our lovely shoes every time we go to a wedding?’ Whilst this was entertaining for the gentlemen, it was obvious there was no real practical answer out there.

So, Stan set about looking for a solution.

He looked at buttons, plastic caps, spikes, tapes and adhesives. He investigated the most appropriate size (too small and you would still sink, and too big would simply look stupid!) and colour (black, too dark, white, too bright, clear – perfect!). He looked at all the different types of adhesives out there, and even investigated how much the plastic disk should bend and ‘give’, so it can move with different surfaces. He also looked at all the different type of stiletto heels out there, and all the different sizes. He made sure his solution fitted them all.

Eventually, after 12 months of hard research, product samples, extensive testing in the gardens around Windsor, the design was finalised and made. A friend of Stan’s, Lucy, came up with the name and he set about selling them online.

Over 27,000 sales later (that is well over 100,000 actual PennyHeels!), throughout the world, Stan’s PennyHeels are still the

only original practical solution to stop ladies sinking into the ground whilst trying to enjoy themselves. Not to shabby from a standing start!

PennyHeels were updated in 2012 with a stronger adhesive, prettier packaging and the inclusion of a small wipe to clean the heel before you attach the PennyHeel itself.

These small, clear, temporary and discreet disks are a real solution to a real problem. Why worry about that next outdoor event? Keep a pack of PennyHeels in your bag!

PennyHeels are sold through various online retailers and some retail outlets. But, by far the easiest way to get your hands on PennyHeels is through the website. We ship worldwide, promptly and efficiently.

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